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Notes from the video.

This talks about drugs that cause kidney failure.

Acute kidney failure is caused by a combination of drugs.

Demand Ivermectin.

When kidneys shut down, the lungs fill with water.

Ivermectin has been shown to be effective in 61 studies around the world. It also reduces transmission.

Early treatment is best.

Treat with Ivermectin.

There are doctors who say Ivermectin is not approved for Covid.

6:35 chart on NIH website

Remdesivir…your death is near

8:21 Ivermectin on NIH website

Print the chart out and show it to doctors.

9:00-9:15 how to find the chart

Mandated protocol by Fauci with Remdesivir is why people have died, Fauci knew ahead of time.

Discussion of different drugs in trials.

Connection between Remdesivir and ventilators.

If you get the Covid the last place you want to go is the hospital (because they give the wrong drugs and won’t let you take Ivermectin because of “policy”)

Your likelihood of surviving goes up if you stay out of the hospital

Discussion of Ebola study. Remdesivir was the most deadly drug.

They picked the drug that killed the most people and made it the drug of choice in dealing with Covid.

People died in ICUs and were treated with Remdesivir.

This is why people are dying in ICUs.

Before the pandemic, Remdesivir failed in four trials and this is the one that Fauci picked.

Fauci goes with the non-approved drugs, the one that killed the most.

Proven to be the most dangerous.

Study in France. Organs started failing.

Comparison Remdesivir versus hydroxychloroquine.

Remdesivir, acute kidney failure and multiple organ failure, the body retains water, floods lungs, people drown to death because kidneys can’t remove water.

It is not pneumonia, it is pulmonary edema.

Acute kidney failure results in water in lungs.

This is why hospitals are dangerous places right now.

95-99% people die in ICUs.

Discussion of different combinations of drugs.

Demand Ivermectin or patients will have kidneys shut down and die from pulmonary edema that is diagnosed as secondary pneumonia to Covid.

Print out the chart from NIH showing that Ivermectin is approved.

Ivermectin causes 0 renal failure.

Why do they continue to do it?

There is a bonus payout, that if they treat with Remdesivir, they get a 20% bonus on top of the charge for the treatment. The government is paying hospitals 20% more, and giving treatment codes. The government is incentivizing hospitals to drown your loved ones.

Look at your death certificate: renal failure, pulmonary edema

They are euthanizing people and coding it as Covid 19.

Follow the money.

$7 Ivermectin, $3600 Remdesivir + 20% bonus

USA is 4% of world population and 25% of all deaths because USA uses Remdesivir, the treatment is deadly

August 1, 2021, Israel did third vaccine

As soon as they rolled out the boosters, Israel had the biggest spike in Covid.

Media calls the facts an illusion.

Third shots of all of Israel, skyrockets hospitalized cases for Covid-19.

Vaccines don’t work.

Sweden…no lockdowns, no bans, have banned tourists from Israel, don’t want spreading of Covid by vaccinated people

Boosters are not working.

FDA says boosters don’t need to be given out, not recommended.

August 1, 7000 veteran study published, treated with Remdesivir, and that it had 0 benefit, that the drugs are keeping them sick.

Veterans are being used as experimentals.

There are better options.

Early treatment is best.

Need zinc.



The modern day death camps are ICUs.

In ICUs people are given a drug proven to cause acute kidney failure.

Deaths are under reported.

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