Malicious Medical Scheme and Medical Malpractice

As Paul Harvey used to say, this is the “rest of the story” about hospitals, ivermectin, ventilators, the pandemic, medical ethics or the lack thereof, and the departing from the Hippocratic Oath.

This is a short read and will put all the puzzle pieces in place.

This is medical malpractice in order to create big pharma profits with no liability risk. Why would they want to stop that? There is no motivation to stop it if they love money more than people.

Yes, people can be that greedy for money and power.  It is hard for the average person to understand that because the average person has a degree of conscience or compassion.  They can’t believe that this is what is happening.  Some can, but many people find the truth hard to accept.  It takes repeated documentaries to convince people.

This is called “cognitive dissonance”.  It is when reality is so far different than what you thought it was, or what has been presented to you day after day, that you simply cannot believe the truth about reality.

But look at “Uncle Joe”, for example.  He presented himself as warm and fuzzy, but look at reality.  It takes harsh reality to break people away from cognitive dissonance where they can look the truth in the face, even if it is ugly.

Part of the problem is that the media keeps presenting a story other than reality to confuse people.  Remember the riots in cities with buildings burning, businesses robbed and storefronts broken? Remember when that was called “peaceful demonstrations”?

This is a high level of psychological warfare.  The knowledge of psychology has been perverted to work against humanity, instead of helping humanity.


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