Repost: “I Realized I Was The Guard At Auschwitz” – Healthcare Workers Wake Up To Their Role In Plandemic Deception

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Some of the things covered in this video is that what is called the Delta variant is actually vaccine injury.

There is relabeling of death by other causes as Covid deaths.

Efforts have been made to “not” connect death to the jabs. (The public is thus uninformed or confused.)

There is a warning that death will come to children once they start taking the jab.

Approximately 45 funeral directors are very scared and frightened about the murders. These are funeral directors who have reached out to the funeral director speaking in the video.

No children have died from Covid. But once they start giving vaccines, there will be deaths, not from a Covid variant, but from the vaccines.

PCR tests were set at a high cycle level to ensure a positive test for Covid.

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