Repost: COVID-19 Vaccine | “The Vaccine Glows!!!” – Pfizer Whistleblower Melissa Strickler

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Newsmax Whistleblower

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Newsmax Whistleblower Emerald Robinson Exposes the Deep State’s Control of MSM


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Nurse Whistleblower

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Repost: ‘Killing our patients’: Nurse whistleblower exposes hospital failures, side effects of COVID shot

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Repost: Biggest Vaccine Whistleblower in History Exposes FDA Falsified Data in COVID Jab Trials

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Repost: Whistleblower: FDA and CDC both know, but won’t admit, that 90% of covid patient hospitalizations are the fully vaccinatedho

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Repost: BREAKING: Hospital Confirms HHS Whistleblower’s COVID Vaccine Claims

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Repost: HHS Whistleblower: You Have A Statistically 0% Chance of Dying of COVID

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Notes from the video with approximate minutes:seconds :

HHS Whistleblower

Doctors are told to say it is not the injections doing it.

Critical Care Nurse

She worked in multiple areas: Emergency Room, Surgery, Intensive Care, Administrative.

Electronic iron curtain of censorship.

Reporting of numbers skewed.

6:20 Frontline Doctors, America’s Frontline Doctors

No scientific debate is allowed.

7:10 Wanted to tell people about early treatment and her boss said that she would be reported.

People are quitting, leaving, setting up own practises.

7:58 Have a different health problem, can still be put on a ventilator.

8:23 PCR test never meant to be diagnostic.

She asked what the cycle threshhold…she was told 51. Is not supposed to be higher than 24 to have any significance.

9:50 Don’t operate in fear. If you feel don’t do something (like don’t take the shot), don’t do it. Form communities of people.

10:40 Take health seriously.

99.7% will survive and be okay

11:17 Whistleblowing on Project Veritas site

HHS Whistleblower

12:00 Age 0-17 75 million children
400 deaths/75 million
50,000 died over 18 months…everything included, suicide, cancer, etc.

Statistically this is a 0% chance of dying so there is no reason to push this on children.

14:06 Why do they target children? Control, to sterilize children, to kill off children.

“Conspiracy theorist” really means “critical thinker”.

15:00 How is your job? Haven’t heard from them.

What does it mean to be a federal employee and uphold oath to “do no harm” at the same time?

Instagram: NurseforNatives

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