Repost: Robert Barnes: FDA Approval of COVID-19 Vaccine Is A Scam

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This is a transcription of the beginning of the video.

[Robert Barnes] “The problem for the FDA was if they were going to issue any kind of biologic license for any FDA approved Covid-19 vaccine, then first they had to revoke all the emergency use authorized vaccines immediately, because under federal law you are not supposed to issue any emergency use authorizations for any drug if there is already an approved drug on the market for that. The second aspect is, now the way they got around that for ivermectin and everything else was they said they were only going to look at other vaccines. That’s the other game they’ve been playing for the last year. But the second aspect is, liability risks may completely change. So right now an emergency use authorized vaccine has complete immunity from suit. However, it’s unclear if an FDA approved biologic license vaccine is also immune. It may not be immune at all, depending on how you read the law. So Pfizer doesn’t want FDA approval. What Pfizer wants is to keep making all this money off its emergency use authorized vaccine and so here you have an identical drug but because they want to protect big drug companies, because they want to continue Moderna and J & J having access to the market under the emergency use authorization, they are not actually…they are pretending that the approved vaccine is not available. So if your employer says, well I want you to go out and get the FDA approved vaccine, you can come back to him and say that is not available according to the FDA. It’s not available until it has that label on it, that Comirnaty label on it, and that’s not likely to happen any time soon because Pfizer, remember, is the company that paid the biggest criminal fine in the history of big drug companies, doesn’t want to be legally liable for the adverse effects this vaccine is likely causing.”

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