Repost: Pfizer’s covid injection destroyed U.S. mountain biking champion’s entire life, career

Before putting the link to the article, here are some comments.

This site exists with ample information from world wide expert doctors and scientists, as well as enough videos or reports from (or about) people who have suffered bad consequences, that it should give anyone who is thinking of taking the bioweapon jab pause before they do it.

And only pagan societies destroy their young.

This society overall has been turned into a society that focuses on pleasure and entertainment, and has given up critical thinking in favor of simply doing as they are told.  We are told to do things, such as “mask up” or “take the jab” for the “good of society”.

Actually, all these lies are not for the good of society, but for the enrichment and power of those who want to be warlords and masters over the earth and who want to weaken and control the population.   They know that this is premeditated murder.

You have to study enough to figure this out and understand it or you will be a victim to these people.  Those are the only two options.  For or Against.  Yes or No.

You can’t really sit on the sideline.  At some point you will be required to make a choice.  Sitting and not resisting in some way is a choice.

And in terms of Biblical values, you should in some way be resisting these people either by prayer or by giving monetarily to those who are resisting these criminals as there are lawsuits being fought.  Don’t think that because it is not yet in your backyard or doorstep that you don’t have to worry about it.

In D-Day, there were always those who went first, but there was still a battle for the rest.   Those at home depended on the outcome of D-Day, so if they could help, they should have in their own self-interest even if they weren’t on the frontlines.

If you ignore this information, you do it to the peril of you and your children.  You won’t be able to say you weren’t warned.

Read the article here.

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