Repost: HIGHLIGHTS – Dr. Stella Immanuel Says COVID-19 Is The Devil And We’re In A Spiritual War

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Here is a partial transcription. It is not complete. It is not perfect. For complete information, listen to the video.

[Dr. Stella Immanuel] We’re talking about this whole pandemic and I really do believe that this is a spiritual battle and we said this… from Day 1, it is a spiritual battle. We are fighting a spiritual battle in the physical only. These globalists at any level are Luciferians. Whether they are pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions, whether they are some politician or some governmental officer in some country that is refusing for some people to treat patients, they are Luciferians. They are working with the power of the devil. The good guys are running on empty. We need to get back to the power of God. The reason why America got to this place, the reason why we are here today, is because we turned our back away from God…About half of the country is resisting the vaccine…the reason why they want young people to be jabbed is number 1, mind control, number 2 population control and gene therapy. They want to upgrade us. They want us to turn into Human 2.0 and that is spiritual. I’m saying that this whole Covid vaccine is a spiritual thing. It is not science…America right now is at the brink of collapse because of..because we need spiritual revival. We need revival. We cannot continue just living in the physical calling ourselves good guys when the bad guys are working with the devil…the technology they are using is Luciferian….America needs to come back to God.

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