Repost: Dr. Ardis Exposes Deadly Dangers of Fauci’s Covid Protocols

Original Video Here.

This is a partial transcription of the above interview with guest host Stew Peters on Infowars, interview Dr. Bryan Ardis.

This interview is not 100% complete or perfect. For that, you will have to listen to the full interview, which is recommended to do.

[Stew Peters] Take us through your story and why you’re here….

I’m Dr. Bryan Ardis, I’ve been a holistic healer since 2004,…what you’ve been told medically is not always true…[Stew Peters] Take us through your father-in-law, what you know is there…[Dr. Bryan Ardis] February 2020, early February, 2020, my father-in-law walked into a hospital in Dallas, Texas, with a fever and a headache, totally independent living. They actually diagnosed him with the flu, put him on three antibiotics which was actually horrible, antibiotics don’t treat a virus. One of those actual drugs is called [drug name]…By Day 1 they started treatment, By Day 2 they told us he developed pneumonia. By Day 3 they told us he was now in acute kidney failure. Just so you know [names drug] causes acute kidney failure which it started doing on Day 1. Day 1 to Day 2. He did not have pneumonia, he actually developed pulmonary edema which is water filling up in your lungs when you shut down someone’s kidneys with a drug which [drug name] is known to do. They over a 9 day period shut down my father-in-law’s kidneys, leading to his lungs filling with water, eventually by Day 5 his brain filled with water and he went unconscious, by Day 9 they put him on a morphine drip and poisoned him over a 4-hour period, overdosed him on morphine to paralyze his diaphram and his heart and killed him. They actually murdered him with hospital protocols. Now I did not sit back and think this was okay. I battled with them, every doctor, the nurses’ station, the board, every day from Day 5, 6, and 7, and I was eventually kicked out by security on Day 7. They weren’t allowing me there to challenge everything they were doing, but they flat out murdered him…In May and June, after being furious about my father-in-law being murdered by an ill-advised hospital protocol which really did murder him, I’m watching in the news, the New York hospitals and administrators stating that when we start treating Covid-19 patients, very soon after starting treatment, the virus starts attacking the kidneys and causing acute kidney failure and we need not only ventilators which we’re short on, we also need dialysis machines which we’re also short on, and they kept stating, we’ve never seen a virus do this before. And I immediately wanted to know, well, what are they doing to treat these patients, I just watched a drug cause acute kidney failure and kill my father-in-law. In May and June we were reporting in the news that there were more deaths in one day in America than the entire pandemic. No other country had more deaths than we did so I wanted to know, well, what’s America doing. The CDC website directed all people, including me, to the NIH’s website and on that website was Anthony Fauci’s mandate on how we are going to treat all Covid-19 patients in American hospitals and clinics. It actually recommended a drug that I’d never heard of called [names drug] and was badmouthing hydroxychloroquine…Now I didn’t know anything about [names drug], neither did any of the drug, the actual doctors in the country, nobody knew about it either because it was never FDA approved and never in use because it was danger but Anthony Fauci on the NIH’s website, stated there were two studies supporting using [names drug] only in this novel Corona-virus pandemic. One was the Ebola study in 2018, in Africa, which [drug name] was used then…then he stated the second actual study done by …the manufacturer…so I clicked the links to both of them, the Ebola study is referenced in the New England Journal of Medicine…there were four experimental drugs in that study…and what they actually stated in the study was that half way through the study was that [drug name] had the highest mortality rate of all four experimental drugs with Ebola patients, so the safety board pulled [drug name] from the study because it was killing more people…they also pulled the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci’s experimental drug…they pulled both of them because both of them had the highest death rate with all these people in Africa with Ebola….

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