Repost: FDA Documents Confirm- COVID Injections Attacking Children as Biden Pushes Multiple Boosters

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[Alex Jones] 27:52 And so, that’s how sick this is… Covid 19 will likely require both vaccines and treatments. But see, that’s what the shots are, is genetic treatments…And they say you’ll have a twice-a-day pill, just to make sure that you don’t get the Covid…
28:32 I figured it all out, folks, from the scientists. I knew this a year and a half ago but now it’s been confirmed. I’m going to explain it very slowly for everyone. The bad news. The good news is we know what they’ve done.

[Alex Jones] 28:39 The good news is, we know what they’ve done. You will be chronically infected. That’s why we’ve had people at the office, people all over the country I know that got Covid a year ago, got it six months ago, got it a month ago, got it again. And you go take tests and a lot of them don’t say you’re positive because it is different spike proteins. They inject people with the Pfizer, with the Moderna, with the J&J and others, they all do the same thing, all ordered by Fauci, they already pretested it, you produce, as a suicide bomber, massive amounts of spike protein synthetic virus, just the shell, it’s super-poisonous and deadly, and you just colonize everyone, and your body over-reacts. You take steroids, you beat it, your body gets over it, but it’s like a poison, it’s a virus that acts as a poison, and then you just re-infect, re-infect, re-infect, re-infect, re-infect, re-infect, re-infect, and then you’re getting monthly shots, daily pills, and they had it all planned, they cooked it up and released it on you and your family. And until we stop taking the vaccines it won’t stop. You understand, they are going to keep taking more shots, they’ll be factories, they’ll get sick, they’ll die, they’ll make you sick and then they’ll turn around and blame you, the unvaccinated, for everybody dying, even though the statistics show it’s the vaccinated.

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