Repost: COVID-19 Hoax Is Greatest Theatrical Event In History

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This is a partial transcription of the very beginning of the video. It is not complete.

[Mike Adams] As a lab owner I went out and tried to find certified reference material (CRM) of an isolated Covid-19 nanoparticle either in solution or in dry powder form that had a known quantitation and that had been isolated from sick people. Alex, from what I can tell, I’ve been searching for it for weeks, it does not exist. There is no isolated Covid-19 virus and all the flagging in the PCR tests are other viral fragments, other genetic material…[Alex Jones] and by the way this is conclusive, you are a scientist…[Mike Adams] this is mass murdering of humanity and what’s shocking to me, and this is why I was so reluctant to believe this, is that most of mainstream science is in on it, they are complicit, the doctors are complicit, the lab analysts are complicit, the CDC authorities are complicit, this is mass murder, this is a vaccine holocaust of biological weapons and the scientific community has thrown out any standards, no morality, no ethics, nothing. They’ve thrown out the institution of science. Science is dead from this day forward because of what they have done with this. They have killed science and they have killed medicine. Once you understand all this you realize they went to such incredible lengths to stage this plandemic. I mean, to fake so many elements of it. Even for Cuomo to kill people with ventilators in order to spike up the numbers, to rig the hospitals being full in city after city after city, paying off the doctors to tweet out scripted, fake claims…[Alex Jones]then we saw the unification of information…lockstep…showed how premeditated it was…[Mike Adams] Right, so this was the ultimate false flag. This is the largest theatrical staged event in human history….

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