Repost: Dr. Ardis Exposes Deadly Dangers of Fauci’s Covid Protocols

Original Video Here.

This is a partial transcription of the above interview with guest host Stew Peters on Infowars, interview Dr. Bryan Ardis.

This interview is not 100% complete or perfect. For that, you will have to listen to the full interview, which is recommended to do.

[Stew Peters] Take us through your story and why you’re here….

I’m Dr. Bryan Ardis, I’ve been a holistic healer since 2004,…what you’ve been told medically is not always true…[Stew Peters] Take us through your father-in-law, what you know is there…[Dr. Bryan Ardis] February 2020, early February, 2020, my father-in-law walked into a hospital in Dallas, Texas, with a fever and a headache, totally independent living. They actually diagnosed him with the flu, put him on three antibiotics which was actually horrible, antibiotics don’t treat a virus. One of those actual drugs is called [drug name]…By Day 1 they started treatment, By Day 2 they told us he developed pneumonia. By Day 3 they told us he was now in acute kidney failure. Just so you know [names drug] causes acute kidney failure which it started doing on Day 1. Day 1 to Day 2. He did not have pneumonia, he actually developed pulmonary edema which is water filling up in your lungs when you shut down someone’s kidneys with a drug which [drug name] is known to do. They over a 9 day period shut down my father-in-law’s kidneys, leading to his lungs filling with water, eventually by Day 5 his brain filled with water and he went unconscious, by Day 9 they put him on a morphine drip and poisoned him over a 4-hour period, overdosed him on morphine to paralyze his diaphram and his heart and killed him. They actually murdered him with hospital protocols. Now I did not sit back and think this was okay. I battled with them, every doctor, the nurses’ station, the board, every day from Day 5, 6, and 7, and I was eventually kicked out by security on Day 7. They weren’t allowing me there to challenge everything they were doing, but they flat out murdered him…In May and June, after being furious about my father-in-law being murdered by an ill-advised hospital protocol which really did murder him, I’m watching in the news, the New York hospitals and administrators stating that when we start treating Covid-19 patients, very soon after starting treatment, the virus starts attacking the kidneys and causing acute kidney failure and we need not only ventilators which we’re short on, we also need dialysis machines which we’re also short on, and they kept stating, we’ve never seen a virus do this before. And I immediately wanted to know, well, what are they doing to treat these patients, I just watched a drug cause acute kidney failure and kill my father-in-law. In May and June we were reporting in the news that there were more deaths in one day in America than the entire pandemic. No other country had more deaths than we did so I wanted to know, well, what’s America doing. The CDC website directed all people, including me, to the NIH’s website and on that website was Anthony Fauci’s mandate on how we are going to treat all Covid-19 patients in American hospitals and clinics. It actually recommended a drug that I’d never heard of called [names drug] and was badmouthing hydroxychloroquine…Now I didn’t know anything about [names drug], neither did any of the drug, the actual doctors in the country, nobody knew about it either because it was never FDA approved and never in use because it was danger but Anthony Fauci on the NIH’s website, stated there were two studies supporting using [names drug] only in this novel Corona-virus pandemic. One was the Ebola study in 2018, in Africa, which [drug name] was used then…then he stated the second actual study done by …the manufacturer…so I clicked the links to both of them, the Ebola study is referenced in the New England Journal of Medicine…there were four experimental drugs in that study…and what they actually stated in the study was that half way through the study was that [drug name] had the highest mortality rate of all four experimental drugs with Ebola patients, so the safety board pulled [drug name] from the study because it was killing more people…they also pulled the NIH’s Dr. Anthony Fauci’s experimental drug…they pulled both of them because both of them had the highest death rate with all these people in Africa with Ebola….

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Repost: From Triathlete to Paralytic

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Repost: Covid-19 Injections Causing Brain Trauma Deaths, Says Top Brain Surgeons

Original video here.


Here is a transcription of this report given by Alex Jones at It is not a 100% complete or perfect. You will have to listen to the original for the full report.

As always, and as is mentioned in the report, Google, Facebook, Twitter and the media giants, hide or censor these reports. If you want your friends and relatives to know of consequences to the vaccines, you have to forward this information. They may not find out any other way.

[Alex Jones] These articles…mom, 45, who got a job at John Hopkins hospital dies in John Hopkins Hospital after she got the second shot. And they said, yeah, vaccine reaction swoll her brain until all the blood vessels popped and it was a long, horrifyingly painful death the family said. She went from being in great shape and totally happy to being deader than a doornail within a few days of taking the injection. Oh, here’s another one, beautiful young Italian girl killed by vaccine, brain surgeon, renowned brain surgeon said he’s never seen a brain look like this. I’ve never seen anything like this. Goes onto describe it as the worst thrombosis and neurological trauma. It crushed her brain. They had to remove her skull, the top of her skull off, she still died. So she’s in there, the top of her skull off….never seen a brain swell like this…I’m going to say something very calmly here on air right now on this live Friday, July 9 broadcast and I’m just going to let this just sink in for everybody. I have a stack of news articles, without even looking, I mean if I wanted to I’d find 100 more, I have a stack of news articles here with renowned emergency brain surgeons in the United States and in Italy and in Australia, without even looking, it’s just in the news that brain trauma surgeons are saying they’ve never seen brains look like this, swollen, bloody messes, holes, eaten in all the tissue, liquification, and now let’s let this next part sink in. Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the usual criminal suspects are blocking that information and saying that’s not from the UN. Did you see the old reports in the 80’s, they had the cop killer bullets that would shoot through vests and they would see doctors and trauma doctors, “I’ve never seen a bullet shoot through things like this and cause so much damage,” so they banned those bullets just on the word of some doctors for some bullets supposed to be deadly, but the point is, is that now the most trusted people come out and say this is eating the brains and it is in the literature it does it and it is in all the studies and holding America and the world under water, drowning us, killing us is Big Tech hiding this. And I got another article right here. YouTube caught autosensoring comments that criticize the Chines Communist Party. Well of course they do. And then they get up there in front of Congress and say, oh, we don’t censor anybody, but then they censor everywhere and the left calls for more censorship and for my show to be taken off the air along with Tucker Carlson. It’s such an incredible time, I mean, look at these articles, Mom, 45, who got a job at John Hopkins hospital dies in John Hopkins hospital after she got the second shot…And they’re killing everybody right in front of us and testing to see what we’ll do. Because they know that we will adapt by not overcoming. We will adapt by submitting. They’ve got us in that captured learned helplessness…This is an incredible time to be alive ladies and gentlemen. I haven’t even gotten into the stack. They’ve got people in Australia, the US, uhh, Italy, all saying the same thing. The brains are bloody messes. The lungs are shredded like somebody shot them with a shot gun, one doctor described, I’ve never seen anything like it. They say over and over, the autopsies, the autopsies…the hearts swelling up. If you’re 20 and it swells up you can die, some have, but if you’re 70 and got a lot of plaque, your heart swells, arteries, close…and you’re dead…and now the Feds have announced forced innoculations. Stay with us.

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Repost: Vaccine Side Effect Victims Speak Out

Original video, click here.

Here is a transcription of some of the video. Disclaimer. It is not complete. It is not 100%. Listen to the original to hear it all.


I’m about to have you meet and put the faces to many of the real people who have been suffering after taking the Covid vaccine. We desperately need the medical community to recognize us and help us to find solutions. Until this is recognized as a real problem, the medical community won’t research this and we will con tinue to suffer in silence without treatment. We’re not anti-vaxx. On the contrary, we all tried to do our part to stop the pandemic by getting this vaccine. So let me introduce many of them to you. All of weeks, months out from the vaccine, and still be affected by these symptoms.

Johnson & Johnson, New Jersey, I want to be heard.
Pfizer, Ohio, We need to be heard.
Johnson & Johnson, Tennessee
Pfizer, Illinois.
Moderna, Texas.
I live in Washingon. I am suffering. I want to be heard.
Florida. I want to be heard.
We need to be heard.
Please, let us be heard.
I had the Moderna vaccine in Wisconsin.
Pfizer, Indiana
Pfizer, Florida, I want to be heard.
Moderna, Minneapolis.
Moderna, New York, I need to be heard
Pfizer, Lousiana
Pfizer, Illinois
I need help. I want help. I want to be heard
Pfizer, Maryland
Pfizer trial for 12-15 year old, Ohio. We need help.
We need to be heard.
Johnson & Johnson, California. Please we desperately need to be heard.
I need help and I need to be heard.
We need to be heard.
Moderna, Kansas
Moderna, Virginia
I received the Moderna vaccine on March 11 and my life hasn’t been the same since.
Pfizer, Texas
Pfizer, Virginia
Moderna, Oregon, I want to be heard.

I’m now suffering and I want to be heard.
We need to be heard.
Pfizer, California
Michigan, Moderna. We need to be heard.
AstraZeneca, clinal trial in the United States, Utah. Please, we need help.
I need to be heard
Pfizer, Arizona
Moderna, California
Moderna, New Jersey
I deserve to be seen, heard, and believed.
Please, we need to be heard.
Please, let us be heard.
Please, people need to know what we are going through so we can get the help we need.
My wife deserved to be seen, heard, and believed.
We have a right to be heard.
Please, there are so many of us that need help.
Pfizer, California
Moderna, Conneticut
Arizona, Johnson & Johnson
Moderna, New Hampshire. We want to be heard.
I want to be heard.
We listened we believed that this vaccine was the right thing to do so please, trust us and listen to us when we tell you that we are continuing to suffer physically.
I am speaking on behalf of my 17-year old daughter, Pfizer, New York, we need help, we need to be heard.

I am afraid to be shown due to the negative consequences some of my fellow sufferers have faced for speaking out, but I need help and we desperately need the medical community to hear us.
I had the Pfizer vaccine and I have been suffering now for almost 3 months.

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Repost: “NOTHING YOU’VE EVER SEEN” – Vax Reactions Shock Doctors

Original video linked here.


This is a partial transcription of the video.  Disclaimer:  it is not perfect, it is not 100%.  Listen to the video for the complete audio. [explains idioms, necessary for translation apps]

How many is it going to take for you to get it [understand it]? 16 years in cardiologist, I just walked [quit job]from health care, because I saw this with my own eyes. With my own eyes, not being documented. You have nurses of 20 or more years walking from health care due to the unethical practices of these physicians and corporations that are not reporting properly. Until you sit with a 20-year-old man, healthy, healthy, athelete that has had cardiac workup before come in and is not sobbing in front of you because he thought he was doing the right thing but now he’s in for heart failure and on his way to the cath lab for a pacemaker. Wake up. You need to defend your civilization against the onslaught of…liberalism, progressivism, and brainwashing. This is a life or death situation. No messing around….

You support everything we do here by going to….

Let’s talk about Covid 19, shall we? where we are now and where we are going. Surgeon who operated on young Italian vaccine victims said you have never seen anything like this….I’ve never seen a brain that was affected by such extensive and severe thrombosis, the neurosurgeon….who also called the chief physician to his side at the operating table…we decided to have a decompression crainiotomy which is where the skull is opened to relieve internal pressure….all venous sinuses were blocked…a scenario I have never seen in my many years in this profession….but given the image I saw in the girl’s head it was clear that what we’re dealing with is something not normal. The parents of the 18 year old who died told the media she had no disease. Last week,the prosecutor…who cooridnates ongoing investigates…will instruct the…coroner…to perform the autopsy….It’s like nothing he’s ever seen before. Meanwhile,….we see a vaccine center, old people waiting to get their vax, meanwhile a lifeless body is being dragged away, having just received the vaccine. Let’s watch this (video). We see the gym here, there’s the lifeless woman, her legs being held up, everybody sort of mills around, not exactly knowing what to do. These are health care professionals just delivering a so-called vaccine with known and extreme and severe reactions. Maybe you should know what to do in this case….Everybody else just sitting there waiting. The suicide booth…just waiting in line to kill yourself. It is mind-blowing. Can you imagine?….Time to die, time for you to die, come get your vaccine….We have no idea how many reactions there actually are to these vaccines. These people have been religiously indoctrinated. They are in a cult of science, science with a trademark next to it, Dr. Fauci and his cult of science. So they are going to hide anything that goes against this belief, right…..You take the vaccine, you have severe reactions, wellyou are going to want to hide those, you are going to want to keep those under cover, you are not going to want to admit that you were wrong, that it is not safe, you are going to try to hide that, disguise that, doctors as well. Personal stories…I know people who had severe reactions and the doctors tell them we don’t know if that is from the vaccine or not. We are not sure. We are not sure. We inject you with the thing. You fall over and start twitching. But was it the thing we injected you with? That happens, you know, about every ten people we inject, they start convulsing, be we don’t know if that is why, I mean, it could be something else. We don’t know. We don’t know. It’s a lie. We have no idea what the true number of reactions are because this is the kind of response you get. People getting enlarged hearts and insane blood clots and the doctors saw we don’t know so we’re not going to report it. So that’s what happens. So here’s a response to somebody essentially making a claim similar to this….How many is it going to take for you to get it? 16 years in cardiology. I’ve just walked from health care because I saw this with my own eyes. With my own eyes not being documented. You have nurses of 20 or more years walking from health care due to the unethical practices of these physicians and corporations that are not reporting properly. Until you sit with a 20 year old man, healthy, athelete, that has had cardiac workup before come in and is now sobbing in front of you because he thought he was doing the right thing but now he’s in for heart failure on on his way to the cath lab for a pacemaker. Wake up….he didn’t die from the vaccine from an enlarged heart. Or is this narrative not okay because it’s not about covid itself, it’s about the vaccine….you inject a kid with an mRNA experimental drug….massive side effects….miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, something like 84% of pregnant women not in their third trimester but before, their babies just die when they get injected, their babies die…it’s all coming out now, it’s readily apparent, it’s too much, the information that’s coming out is too much for them to hide, too much for them to disguise, it’s clear these vaccines are not safe….extremely dangerous for a very large number of people….


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Repost: Devastated Father Issues Heartbreaking Warning About Dangers Of Vaccines

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Boy, 13, Dies in Sleep Three Days After Second Does

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