Dr. Johanna Budwig Diet and Cancer

Dr. Johanna Budwig Diet and Cancer

When doing a search for “natural cures for cancer” sometimes people may come across the name “Dr. Johanna Budwig” or “Dr. Johanna Budwig Diet and Cancer”.  This German scientist was a seven-times Nobel Prize nominee.  She developed an effective protocol against cancer that seems so simple that people sometimes dismiss it at first glance.  Upon further study, it becomes evident why this protocol works.

Budwig Diet

Dr. Johanna Budwig Diet and Cancer
Oxygen atom

For those looking for a natural way to fight cancer, the Budwig Diet is an option.  Dr. Johanna Budwig, a top cancer research scientist and a 7-time Nobel prize nominee who died in 2003 (born 1908), researched and developed the Budwig diet.  To understand it fully and why it works, it is necessary to purchase a book about it (or get one from a library if you can) because the explanation is too much for one or two paragraphs.  Full understanding gives you the respect you need for this protocol.
Basically, her understanding of nutrition goes deeper than just food groups.  Beyond needing proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, her research went into the electrical aspects of the body.  Each cell is positively charged.  Outer linings of cells are negatively charged.  Modern day fats used in cooking destroy the outer negative fields.  The fats, which are needed to create new cells, become inactive.  Transportation of oxygen is also hindered.

The diet Dr. Johanna Budwig developed is electron rich and helps reverse the trend caused by bad fats.

Her diet has over a 80-93% percent (according to the Budwig organization) success rate.  However, it must be understood and followed as written.  Do not take short cuts.  Prepare it fresh.  Prepare it as required.  Consume it immediately.  Sunshine, getting out in the sunshine, is also a part of the protocol.  Important in the natural treatment of cancer is getting the body into an alkaline and oxygenated state.  Johanna Budwig’s protocol does both.


Because it seems simple, some tend to discount the information.  However, there is science behind it, which h is why studying and understanding the science of the “why” behind the diet authenticates why it works as it does.  “Simple” does NOT equate to “ineffective”.  Like anything, to really know the subject, it is necessary to put in the proper amount of study rather than going by hearsay.  Buying a book where she talks about the science behind the diet is the most sure way to get the whole story and “the rest of the story”.  If you are serious about researching solutions to cancer, you need to make the investment of time and money to learn.

“There Is Nothing More We Can Do”

Sometimes to try something new, it takes a patient getting to the point where the doctor sends the patient home saying, “There is nothing more we can do.”  At that point, maybe the patient and family becomes open to new ideas.   Cancer researchers who have ignored the Johanna Budwig diet in the past later come around for a second look due to the numerous testimonies that exist regarding the effectiveness of the diet.

Certainly there are lots of emotions swirling when someone has cancer.  Not only is it devastating the person or patient, but also the family, as cancer disrupts a family in many ways.  Certainly there has been a strong hold that the only possible solution against cancer that people know about is chemotherapy.  It is important to look into alternatives and study them out.  What is the point of education if it is not possible to take information, study it, digest it, consider the results of it, and then decide if it is useful or not in any situation?

 Budwig a German Scientist

The Budwig protocol comes from a German scientist and Nobel Prize nominee.  Johanna Budwig cured cancers in patients in Germany, even those that were claimed to be “untreatable”.  Even if enough studies to suit certain gatekeepers have not been done in this nation, does that really matter?  After all, science is science, whether carried out in Germany or any other country and people are people, no matter what nation they inhabit.

Is the resistance to simple, natural solutions so much about whether or not there have been enough studies?  Or is it about the profit margin that will be lost?  Remember, unfortunately, in today’s world, most entities exist to make a profit.  That includes the food and medical communities.  Not all things are necessarily healthful, but if they are being sold, they are making a profit for someone.  So before dismissing the Budwig diet, reread this article and consider the questions.  And if you know someone who is dealing with cancer, be kind enough to forward this article and let that person and family make their own decision.


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