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The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer’s History, Treatment, and Prevention

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Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life: Unleash the Healing Power of Fresh Juices and Cleansing Diets

More than a simple collection of recipes, this book guides readers toward a lifestyle that promotes alkaline balance by juicing, eating well, and cleansing the body and soul. While most juicing books …


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The Truth About Essential Oils and Cancer: Discover What the Research Really Says and Learn How to Use Oils Effectively!

By and large, cancer is a preventable condition. For some, there is a genetic component. For most, it’s a matter of lifestyle. In either case, the study of epigenetics has made it clear that our ge…


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Detox Using Foot Detox Pads

Detox Using Foot Detox Pads

Detoxing is important.  We are surrounded by toxins in the air, in the building materials used today, in residues of pesticides on food we eat, in gas fumes when we fuel up vehicles, through cleaning supplies, and even through items used in the home.  Check your toothpaste on the back and you will see there is a warning.  (If you are interested in safe household products, click here.) Detoxification programs can get pretty complex.  A better idea is to detox using foot detox pads.

Detox using detox foot pads

In any case most of us do not live in pristine environments where the air is clear, the water is clean, and there is no chance of pollution anywhere.  Maybe that exists at the North or South Pole, but most of us live average lives in the midst of a city or rural area.  So we have to deal with detoxing.

What does detoxing do?  It helps pull out toxins out of the body.  A clean body functions better than a dirty one, one that is cluttered with impurities that should not be there.

There are different ways to detox.  Like all things, the health pathway you choose depends on your lifestyle.  If you are accustomed to taking leisurely, long baths, a detox bath might be the way to go.  However, a lot of people don’t have the time to indulge in a bath.  For example, a mom who has to keep watch on her children may not have the free time to take a bath.

Your Health Routine Must Work for You, Not Against You

One thing to keep in mind regarding health routines is that it must work with your personality and your schedule.  The best plan or idea or intention that is not implemented consistently will not get the job done.  It’s better to have a Plan B that you do on a regular basis, than a Plan A that you never do because you set the bar too high.

For example, take nutrition.  Some people juice.  That is fine.  Now it is messy, it takes a lot of time to buy and clean the produce, but if a person really likes juicing, certainly it is a good way to get good nutrition inside the body.  However, if someone will not take the time to buy organic produce, prepare it, and then clean the juicer afterwards, knowledge alone about juicing will not translate into health unless action is taken.

For the busy person, perhaps smoothies (which are easier since they use a blender) or taking vitamin supplements might be the answer.  Again, the best Plan A not implemented is not as good as a Plan B which is implemented on a regular basis.

When it comes to health, consistency is important.  Have a health regime you believe in, follow, and implement on a daily basis.  That is what will work for you.


When it comes to detoxing, there are detox baths.  However, not everyone will take the time to take those baths.  It takes time to prepare the water and then at least 20 minutes to soak.  Will you be that dedicated, is the question?

A simpler way to detox is to use foot detox pads.  These are large pads which are placed on the bottom of the feet at night.  Because blood and lymph flow goes through the feet, this is the typical place to use the pads.  They are simply worn at night while you sleep (how easy is that?).  By morning, the pads are peeled off and “gook” that came out of the body will be evident.  It may be black or brownish in color, it may smell.  If the pads are used on a regular basis, over time, that color should lighten as the toxins are progressively removed.

Yes, it is important to eat good food and get good nutrition.  But it is equally important to detox.  If you have never detoxed, consider getting some foot detox pads and giving it a try.

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How Long Does It Take for God to Answer Prayers?

If you or a loved one has a serious disease, it is possible that the suffering has pushed you to open to the idea of prayer.  Maybe you have never prayed before, or maybe you have heard about someone else’s prayer and decided to try it yourself.  The big question is “how long does it take for God to answer prayers”.

Before talking about time, let’s set a few basics.  Why?  God is related to by certain laws or guidelines.  Just like a game of football or baseball, a game of basketball, or protocol in a court of law, there is a certain way to go about things.  One of the biggest errors is that people think “anything goes” with God, since He is God.  Actually, God set up a system and if we find the way and walk in it, it works better than if we are just hoping or praying “a shot in the dark”.

1.  God set up a rule book (the Bible) so if we find the rules and go by those, prayer will work better.  For example, one principle God set up is tithing.  Many people don’t like that and don’t accept that but the Bible says that people are under a curse (Malachi 3:10-12) if they don’t tithe.  We either accept the instructions of God or we don’t.  And if we don’t want to change, we suffer.  It takes a while to learn on your own. Find a community of Bible-based believers and learn with them.  Ask questions.  Go to Bible studies.  Or, go to an online Christian Station, such as or and watch from your iphone, computer, or television.  There are lots of great shows and teaching that will help you learn things you need to learn.  A number of programs offer prayer, either on the site, or by calling a phone number.

2.  Blaming God is the wrong approach.  The reason is that God turned the world over to man.
“The heaven, even the heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth He has given to the children of men.”  People think God can do anything, and yes, He can, but if He gives a job to man, it is man’s job to cooperate.  Your boss can do anything at work, he’s the boss, but he delegates activities.  Your boss might delegate an activity to you.  It’s something like that.  You need to learn what God does, and what you do.

That may leave you feeling like, gee, thanks, but I have no clue what to do.  Keep reading.

3.  Jesus knew we would need help.  Mankind was separated from God due to the Fall of Man, a theological term that won’t be delved into here other than to say, mankind was separated from God in a historical event called The Fall.  Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, made a way for mankind to get help again from God by being born into God’s family.  All are created by God but not all are born again.  Ask to be born again from above, from heaven, through Jesus Christ.  Be willing to change (that is called repentance) and walk God’s way according to the Bible.   What does that mean?  Again, you need a Bible and a Bible-based faith community to learn more than can be covered in a short blog post.

4.  So since God gave the earth to mankind, if there is a problem, we need to find out what to do.  What is our part?  For one thing, we can ask God for help, guidance, and wisdom.  We can ask for direct healing.  Remember, things are not automatic.  Our job is to ask.  Yes, God knows all things but He requires our asking.  “Ask and it shall be given you.”  If someone gives you a gift, say a car, and gives you the key, whose job is it to put the key in the ignition?  The gift giver’s?  Or the gift recipient?  You get the point.   Each person has their own part to play in cooperating with God.  

5.  So then what, does God wave a magic wand like Alladin and “poof”, the problem is solved?  Sometimes.  Sometimes it can be solved that quickly.   Divine healing can happen quickly.  And then, again, it can happen over time.   A lot of times there is a process.  Part of the process may be learning and implementing things you learn.   The one that stands in the way of progress can be the seeker.  The saying “get yourself out of the way” can be valid here.

God may send information that is useful.  He may open a door to meet a specialist you need to meet. You may read something in a magazine that helps you.  You may be invited to an event such as a prayer meeting where there is prayer for the sick.

However, man has free will.  At any one of those points, the seeker can say “no”.  “No, I don’t want to follow the advice I just read.  No, I don’t want to meet the specialist.  No, I don’t want to go to the prayer meeting.  No, I don’t want to believe that Jesus can help me.  No, I don’t want to pray or have anyone pray for me.”

If a person puts up any of those kinds of walls and blocks out the answer, at that point, there is little that God, or anyone can do.  God respects man’s free will.  He absolutely respects it.  So if you begin to pray for an answer, every little hint or clue that comes your way that might be the answer, follow up on it.  When you begin to pray, things may begin to happen that you may call “coincidence”.  There is no coincidence.  Information is coming across your path because you have begun seeking.  Learn more.  Follow what makes you curious.  If you have a hunch of the direction to go, keep seeking.  Go with your gut.  Follow your intuition.  Keep opening up to God.    Keep seeking.  The Bible says, “he who seeks, finds”.

How long does it take for the answer?  A lot of times it depends on how long we stand in our own way, blocking information that God sends us and that we reject.  God does not try to make us suffer, but we can cause our own suffering by blocking out answers that we don’t want to follow.

As Pogo, a comic strip character once said, “We have found the enemy and he is us.”

The fact is, an answer from God may take you out of your comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory.  If you are serious about finding an answer, you may have to take that step of faith, like it or not.  However, if you do go where you think God is leading you, when it is all over, when your prayer is finally answered even though it may have cost you something in stretching and growing, you will thank God for answered prayer.

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